Olympic Titanic's sister ship it looks identical but there two different ship's. RMS Olympic was the lead ship of the Olympic class ocean liners built for the White Star Line, which also included Titanic and Britannic. Unlike her sisters, Olympic served a long and illustrious career (1911 to 1935), becoming known as "Old Reliable."

Britannic FACTS

   The Britannic. Built and launched after the tragic loss of her sister ship -the famous Titanic- as one of the finest and safest ocean liners of her era, the Britannic never crossed the Atlantic carrying the rich and the poor to the New World. She was converted into a hospital ship and made six voyages to the Mediterranean, evacuating thousands of wounded soldiers from the battlefields of  the Eastern Front during World War I. Considered more "unsinkable" than the Titanic due to the modifications of her design, she was lost in only 55 minutes after an explosion caused by a German mine. The Britannic was the largest British ship lost during the conflict and remains the largest sunken ocean liner in the world. The enormous wreck was found in 1975 by Jacques Cousteau near the Greek island of Kea (Tzia) in the Aegean Sea.



Olimpic facts



A Postcard Of Tugboats Pulling The RMS Olympic To Sea.
Name: RMS Olympic
Owner: White Star Line
Port of registry: Liverpool, Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
Route: Southampton to New York
Builder: Harland and Wolff Belfast
Yard number: 400
Laid down: 16 December 1908
Launched: 20 October 1910
Christened: Not christened
Maiden voyage: 14 June 1911
In service: 1911
Out of service: 1935

The three sister ship's side by side 

 Titanic built in 1909, Olympic built in 1911, and Britannic was launched on nova. 1915. 

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